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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Direct3D 11.1

I just heard about Direct3D 11.1 and would like to share some of the new features.

Some of the major improvements:
  • Shader tracing. The documentation is lacking at this time, but it appears as if it will be possible to retrieve information about registers.
  • Logical operations on a render target. Direct3D has been lacking this functionality for quite a while (glLogicOp in OpenGL), so it is nice to see it arrive to the API.
  • More powerful resource copy routines. It will now be possible to copy from one subresource into itself, even if the regions overlap.
  • Up to 64 UAVs can now be bound to the pipeline. Even more exciting, UAVs can now be used from any pipeline stage. I am already thinking of what could be done with a UAV in the hull/domain shaders...