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Thursday, February 4, 2010

D3D11 Resource Limitations

Ever wondered how many resources you can bind to a shader at one time? Or how many slices you can store in a 2D texture array? All of these limits can be found in the D3D header. For D3D11, this is D3D11.h. In this post, I'd like to point out notable improvements in D3D11.

Input assembler binding points (D3D11_IA_VERTEX_INPUT_RESOURCE_SLOT_COUNT): 32, up from 16

Maximum number of layers in a 1D or 2D texture array (D3D11_REQ_TEXTURE2D_ARRAY_AXIS_DIMENSION): 2048, up from 512

Maximum number of interstage float4s: 32 between every stage, up from 16

Maximum size 1D texture (D3D11_REQ_TEXTURE1D_U_DIMENSION): 16384 texels, up from 8192

Maximum size 2D texture (D3D11_REQ_TEXTURE2D_U_OR_V_DIMENSION): 16384x16384 texels, up from 8192x8192

Maximum number of unordered buffers that can be bound to a pixel or compute shader (D3D11_PS_CS_UAV_REGISTER_COUNT): 8, up from 0 ;)

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  1. You have to check the device feature level because this value (8) may be incorrect if the feature level is 10.1 even if using the DX11 API you have only one UAV slot.